Wayne Perrin
New Hampshire, US

Land Rover Series I Steering Box Repair

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1 1 "The Fix"

I have a repair for the cracks that appear on the aluminum steering box where the steel tube is riveted into it. I might hasten to add that whether left or right hand drive and irrespective of which wing or fender you stand next to it attaches from below.

"The Fix" requires one discarded connecting rod and short piece of pipe with an inside diameter that matches the aluminum shoulder coming out of the steering box. Cut the larger end of the rod off, leaving a nice two piece section that becomes a clamp. Use the pipe to fashion a sleeve / spacer that will go around the steering box shoulder and under the newly cut clamp. This becomes a cut and fit process where you need to size the spacer's outside diameter to meet the inside diameter of the connecting rod end. The spacer needs to be split lengthwise in two halves to enclose the steering box shoulder. You will also need to relieve some of the material on the inside to clear the rivets. Assemble the two halves, bolt the connecting rod end around the whole assembly and you have a pretty decent reinforcement to keep your classic rolling. It will not meet concours standards for those who are intense about their Series 1 but it may get you back on the road.

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